UcoZ a new CMS, Great for Begginers

Ucoz is a new CMS that’s look like joomla, to help anyone like a professional or a beginner, it’s easy to use help everybody to build their dream website, no professional web design is needed to make a perfect web design, the Ucoz is already reserve it, we can get something like in the classic web hosting in here in Ucoz official site, just like this

1. 200 megabyte data space free and can expanded up

2. File can be uploaded through the web or by using a ftp client

3. We can add a domain from other website like godaddy.com

4. and the best advantage that I like is a BACKUP

In Ucoz we have almost everything that’s we need, if you usually use a CMS like Joomla, Mambo we can get that advantages in here and you can see it in here

1. Database of site users with division into groups

2. Assignment of different access levels depending on user group

3. A quantity of modules realizing (not only) classical web applications (see below)

4. Full control over the design of web applications by means of HTML templates

5. Built-in visual HTML editor for those unfamiliar with this markup language

6. RSS import and export

7. Blocking of activity from certain IP-addresses or subnets

Wow an amazing advantage other than that’s Ucoz is have a unique Advantage well to see it you can find it in here

1. Special template language which allows to check different conditions when generating pages

2. Templates builder which allows to completely change the design in a very effective way

I love that much after seeing the info in Ucoz site without thinking I was thinking to try it and make a money from there ^^ because it’s a free hosting with a nice CMS

Ucoz also have thing that I love it much, a MODULE!!!!!! I love this much, before I know Ucoz I am usually using Joomla CMS but for now I will change it with Ucoz, the Ucoz modules is like this all

1. Forum (Bulletin Board)

2. Site News

3. Web Journal (Blog)

4. Publisher (Articles Catalogue)

5. Files Catalogue

6. Links Catalogue

7. Tag Board (Mini-Chat)

8. Ad Board

9. Photo Albums

10. Web Polls

11. Guestbook

12. FAQ Service

13. E-mail Forms

14. Pages Editor

15. Statistics (Hit Counter)

What the . … . .. I love it so much well I already use it you can visit my Ucoz in www.

Ucoz have a main principle for his users like

1. Functionality

2. Usability

3. Tuning capabilities, flexibility, Simplicity

4. Attraction of predefined designs and capabilities of manual design modification

5. Spam and unwanted visitors protection

Even we cannot use PHP CGI or the others type of site page, use Ucoz as data storage, and make doorways? No Problem

Don’t Doubt again follow me use Ucoz as a CMS here is the website info

Official Site UcoZ CMS

Some Screenshot that’s I get

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